Smith has established an infamous reputation in Kansas City as a protector of violent and systemic white supremacy.
Image courtesy of KC Star

In the second MAJOR WIN for the Black community and all people against hatred and terrorism in Kansas City, it is with great delight that we announce the “termination” of Rick Smith as the leader of the Kansas City Police Department. 

The announcement comes after a meeting this morning where Smith met with Mayor Quinton Lucas and a member of the Board of Police Commissioners.

Smith has established an infamous reputation in Kansas City, with many community members deeming him a “modern Bull O Connor”, a protector of white supremacy, and a perfect example of terrorist, mob-like operations of police departments across the country. 

Gwen Grant, president of the Urban League of Greater Kansas City, said the Board of Police Commissioners had the votes it needed to terminate Smith.

​​Smith, who was appointed in 2017, will retire in 2022, Capt. Leslie Foreman, a spokeswoman for the department said in a statement to The Kansas City Star.

“As per his commitment, he plans to retire sometime in the upcoming year,” Ms. Grant said. “He will announce that date well in advance to ensure a smooth transition for the police department.”

Grant said Smith is “trying to put a positive spin on basically what is in effect a termination,” she said, adding that the March date was agreed upon after “a compromise was struck.”

This is a developing story. 

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