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About Us

Since the inception of the United States, mainstream media outlets have been rooted in white supremacy – in their reporting as well as their newsroom diversity and executive leadership. Black, brown and poor people continue to have our voices actively marginalized and distorted. Newsrooms report on Black crime but not Black achievement. Black and brown journalists face intimidation and termination for speaking up. The decline in news consumption over the last decade is indicative of these media outlets’ inability to effectively report on and give voice to marginalized communities. The people want their voices to be heard – we are no longer begging these institutions to make reforms and transformations; we are reclaiming our rightful place as the storytellers and griots of our own communities. We are following in the tradition of radical, cutting edge black journalism and media ownership modeled by legendary Black freedom fighters like Ida B. Wells, Robert S. Abbott and Frederick Douglass – our mission is to not only serve as a voice for the people, but to be a catalyst in the resurgence of a fearless and powerfully truth telling Black press.

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